-Camp “B”-

It is recommended that prior to R.B.C. that the Definitions & Terms, Sequencing Instructions-Terms of Pause Protocal, Session Starting Protocol and Encouraging Conversations be printed and available as a guide.

Ensure that Future Facing Protocol, Encouraging Questions, Free Floating and Session Ending Questions are applied as directed (see Preparations and Standards).

Secondary Questions:
A total of 3 secondary follow-up questions are selected and asked per round of R.B.C. led by the physician according to the sequencing outlined (See Camp “A” page) for each driver. There is no order to asking the questions.

Based on what you have just shared, by holding to “x”, as a recovery driver that is feeding one’s life, describe the
commitment this suggests you are keeping and for whom, despite facing The Illness day in and day out….what
might this let you know about your stance to the fate The illness wants for you…how does this stance leave you in
feeling and in thoughts…. if you had to speculate, what kind of recovery road are you likely paving for yourself….what
is your take on this development … what leads you to think this way?

-Based on what you have just shared, speculate a little about how you managed to keep yourself “open” to having “x”
in your life despite The Illness’s mission to take away anything good…what could this possibly be saying about you
and your capabilities to keep this “open” space….what possible signal or message are you sending to The Illness by
holding to this position of openness…what in your mind, makes this signal or message worth it…what does this let
you about what you are giving value to in your life… would you characterize this value as a drag on your recovery
efforts or a lift to these efforts….what leads you to say this…what kind of position are you leaving yourself in with
respect to standing up to The Illness presence…is this a position worth keeping…. why would you say so? 

-Based on what you have just shared, what are you saying that you are appreciating, in any little way about “x” in your life …what can this appreciating be letting you know about having the capacity to experience “positivity” feelings like appreciation, in spite of the joy killing effects of The Illness?”…what are you letting The Illness know about your priorities towards making a recovery based on such positivity…how does this position sit with you and why…what is hope-building about this stance for pursuing a recovery…in your mind, upon thinking, can hope building in this way make more space or room for that is in keeping with your recovery vision?

-Based on what you have just shared, what could this be possibly telling you about what you hold of importance in
your life,…what good, if any, can come from keeping this position to your recovery, if you took a guess…how does this
leave you in feeling and in thoughts, knowing this, as you reflect…what is your takeaway that would be prudent to consider in moving forward with your recovery endeavors?

-Based on what you have just shared, what could be said about what “x” brings to your life in order to serve you for the better…what can this signal to you about your intentions…is this a good mindset to keep and preserve going forward…. why would you think this way…how does knowing this leave you in feeling….how does this way of feeling sit with you…is this a good place to be…what lets you see this…what is your take away from what you have talked about so far?

-Based on what you have just shared, what might holding to “x” be affirming and painting for you as an indicator of the direction you want to take your life despite the presence of The Illness… by holding this position, what then, are you indicating to The Illness’s is intentions for your life… what leads you to say this…how does this leave you in feeling and in thoughts…what is your takeaway from this acknowledgement?

-Based on what you have just shared, if a close loved one, friend or family member, were present today or in spirit, could hear what you are sharing, what might come from their lips, if asked, about the kind of person you are that has been able to keep the light shining on “x” and others like minded drivers during all you have endured… speak a little to who is this person giving you this recognition and what is their relationship to you….take a moment to recall one or two moments or stories in this relationship that can point to how this loved one can speak about you in this way…. what is it like knowing people close to you can see you in this way…is this reflection of yourself a hinderance or benefit to recovery…what leads you to say this?

If a loved one was present, in front of you now and could vocalize some words of encouragement, knowing you have chosen to keep “x” driver alive in the face of such tough times, what might they want to say to you … what would you speculate, if you took a guess, as to what they want to convey through those words of encouragement…what takeaway can come from hearing these words that is meaningful to you… how do you feel knowing you matter in the eyes of this person to the extent of wanting the best for you…how can hearing such words leave you in feeling and in thoughts…is this a good place to be in knowing your presence is valued in this way…what leads you to think this way….in what way can knowing you matter in this persons eyes or other others of significance to you contribute towards forging ahead with making a recovery…what are your thoughts on what has been just shared?

-Based on what you have just shared, offer your best guess about the possible message or signal you are sending to “The Illness” by having “x” regarding where your loyalties lie in your relationship with  it…what in your mind, is the kind of person it takes, that can make such a stance on loyalties… to what degree are you speaking about yourself since this is coming from your experience…how does this sit with you…how can such a position in your relationship with The Illness carry you forward, in your estimation. towards making a recovery possible?

-Though “x” is in play, what has it been like living with a mental illness that others may not fully grasp or
understand…what do you struggle with the most and how is this impacting various areas of your life…how is this
leaving you in feeling and in thoughts about your prospects for yourself and your life….speak to what does such an
acknowledgement paint about what it has taken for you to hold yourself and your life together to this point…how
would you characterize this ability or capacity….how does this acknowledgement leave you in thinking about your
recovery prospects ?

In spite of the top six status of “x” driver, how would you characterize the type of relationship you have with “The Illness”, for example, conflicted, turbulent, stressful, torturous, hate-filled, stormy, tension-filled, stifling, suffocating, drowning, depressing, frustrating, competing, etc.…what has it been like existing in such a relationship to date …tell me about how has this relationship has impacted living the life you want…though this is the case, speak to what you have allowed yourself to accomplish and give yourself credit for whether small, like holding to what is of importance to see your way through every day to mile stones of worthiness…what does this inform you of, in any little way, about what you bring to your life that is setting the foundation for recovering?

-Based on what you have just shared, if you could wave a magic wand, what kind of relationship with The Illness
might be more favorable to having than is currently experienced, e.g., more harmonious, more cooperative, more breathable, more cordial, less conflictual, less burdensome, less hateful, etc.…take a moment and consider how this relationship view can affect your daily living or future prospects than is currently experienced….take a moment to consider if “x” driver of focus and was not present, where would this place the dial on the kind of relationship you would have….consider what this may signal to you about the value and power of these drivers?

-Based on what you have just shared regarding “x’ driver, speculate on what you are bringing to your life, so far, that has the qualities or properties to not allow “The Illness” to take away or taint everything that matters to you than it currently has… what might this tell you about what you are capable of…is this a emotional space worth keeping…how, in your mind, would keeping this worthwhile space alive contribute, towards supporting a recovery you desire…how does this admission leave you?

“We are all in this together.”

-The Peer Therapist