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-The Meeting Room is considered “ground zero” for making a recovery possible-

With service providers, the dominance of the “Pill” culture formulary (Click link) presence meeting room is not conducive to promoting a recovery climate. The current formulary does not support a relational culture required to strengthen the recovery psychology of a person with this protocol. For most service providers in mental health, elevating what is right in a person’s life and what a person brings to their life as resources (Personal Medicine) is not a practice they are exposed to. This means the “Person” speaks to their capabilities linked to strengths, abilities, values, purposes, skills, interests, passions, aspirations, goals, ambitions, and talents, which exercises “Agency” and “Hopefulness” is neglected. However, elevating these personal capacities by applying this protocol further strengthens regenerative neural circuits instead of the pain and suffering circuits currently being prioritized. By setting a climate oriented towards recovery Framework of Recovery Orientation, the addition of this protocol can move a person from “medication surviving” to “personal thriving.” A “recovery first policy” is required in The Meeting Room for this to occur.

The practice of this protocol is called “Brief Recovery Work” (BRW)- Definitions and Terms. With Brief Recovery Work (BRW), both equations, the service provider discipline and recovery discipline, can come together, creating the synergy to enhance the recovery outcomes for the consumers. In this regard, BRW, as a regenerative practice, becomes an essential partner in the Meeting Room equation.

In Context
For the first time, Citizen Psychiatry has translated the principles of recovery orientation into a structured, learnable, and implementable program that targets a person’s psychology of recovery required to pursue a Person Directed Life. This is the regenerative practice of “Brief Recovery Work” (BRW).

It is worth repeating that on the system side of mental health services, the original tenets of recovery, outlined under the Framework of Recovery Orientation chapter, received success due to its ability to set the climate of service systems to orient itself towards recovery thinking. However, within the context of the Meeting Room, the tenets of recovery orientation lay the foundation for implementing the protocol. Both facets, climate installation, and protocol implementation, create the synergy required for pursuing a “personal recovery”.

“We are all in this together.”

-The Recovery Specialist