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Join “Citizen Psychiatry” as an ‘Ambassador’ endorsing the psychology of recovery inclusion into the treatment equation with the “Pill”. When signing up to be an ‘Ambassador’ on our form, located below, you are agreeing to this intention.

There are three sponsor streams for an ‘Ambassador’:

1) An Ambassador in Pledge: In this stream, in addition, to being an ambassador in name you are agreeing to promote ‘Citizen Psychiatry’ to your social media community. Promotion entails, using our information, forwarded via email by you, to get the word out about our program and where to find this platform. Through the use of your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and TikTok, getting the word out can occur.

No further obligation is required. Your only investment is time. There is no reporting required. The term of ambassadorship is left up to each person.

2) Brand Ambassador: In this stream, you are lending your professional designation and credentials or both “Corporate Name” and logo to endorse The Recovery Protocol Breakthrough. Permission is granted to Citizen Psychiatry to use and list your brand influence, publicly, for promotion purposes on this site and in the community. As well, you pledge through your media networks to promote Citizen Psychiatry. No further obligation is required. There is no reporting required. The term and details of this are negotiated and agreed upon.

The site administrator shall get in touch, once the confirmation of intentions are made through submitting the form.

3) Ambassador in Name (Reviews and Testimonials): In this stream, you are providing a review commenting on the significance of what was read on this site, just as this is done and listed on a book jacket cover, and or a testimonial, an account of your experience with applying this protocol. The information is used as feedback, for support and promotion purposes. These commentaries shall be posted on this site and removed, at the administrator’s discretion or the request of the commenter.

Check the box listing ambassador type and send the commentary in the form field named Reviews and Testimonials.

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“We are all in this together.”

-The Recovery Specialist