Recovery Talking Points for Printing

Camp “A”-Lead Questions
(Select and pose three lead questions  from the following list. There is no order to ask the questions.)

-What do you think in your mind continues to draw you to “x” as a recovery driver of such value through thick and thin…what is it about you, do you think, that can account for how you allowed this driver to stay alive in this way… what does this inform you about what is of importance to your life… comment on how this importance stated reflects in some way on the direction you want to take your life… how does this stance sit with you and why?

-What might “x”, as a recovery driver, if you guessed, allow you to draw on, that leaves you in a better place than if you did not have this driver at all?

-What could “x”, as a recovery driver, be saying to you about what you are valuing… what leads you to believe this from what you have experienced so far… speculate on the relevance of what you have just said to your present recovery efforts?

-If “x”, as a recovery driver, did not exist, where would this leave you in your recovery journey… what are you indicating is the value of “x” in your life for supporting a recovery?

-What would you say “x”, as a recovery driver, brings more “of ” to your life that would not otherwise be there to this degree… what leads you to think this way by way of experience… share a story or two, distant or recent, that would help me understand this further?

-Speculate a bit, on what you are valuing or giving value to, personally, in your life by engaging “x”, as a recovery driver… what is this “value” about in your estimation… if you can, take a moment and share how this named value, is meaningful to your life… what difference, if any, does holding such a “meaning” linked to making a recovery possible?

-What do you think “x”, as a recovery driver, brings to you when facing the constant stress of The Illness… what are you saying as a result that makes this recovery driver a keeper, in your mind, going forward… how is this relevancy important to forging a recovery as far as you think?

-What likely “attitude” is being demonstrated, if you had to hazard a guess, is “x”, as a recovery driver, showing that you have that is of value… what makes this attitude set a countermeasure to the kind of negative thinking circulating from living with The Illness… what are you speaking to about the significance and importance of the attitude by what you have shared… what kind of person do you feel holds such attitudes, in your estimation… to what degree are you speaking about yourself… is this a good place to be… why would you take this position as you make your way towards a recovery?

-Consider, in any small or large ways, what might ‘x”, as a recovery driver, might be contributing to keeping “hopefulness” alive for you (consider the definition of hopefulness)… share with me how you experience this hopefulness in terms of what it allows more of to occur for your benefit… how would you say this “hopefulness” shapes the texture of your feelings and thinking for the better… in your estimation how does this texture differ from what The Illness has been offering to your life… what may this difference be informing you “of” to cultivate more, for your recovery?

-What has it taken, to continue keeping “x”, as a recovery driver, alive, despite the struggles and challenges faced… what would you say makes this effort worth it…. why would you view what you said in this way?

-What possible message or signal can you think of, that you are giving to yourself by committing to “x”, as a recovery driver, no matter what the challenges faced… what makes this message or signal of importance, in your estimation, to your recovery endeavors…. what leads you to say this?

-What is it about yourself, upon reflection, that can account for you holding on to “x” as a recovery driver through thick and thin in your life… what might this be telling you about the person you are…  what are you saying by way of this acknowledgement about the role of bringing your strengths, as an “x” factor, to drive a recovery… how can such “x” factors, in your mind, further stave off the negative impact of living with The Illness…. in voicing these positions, how does this sit with you going forward?


“We are all in this together.”

-The Recovery Specialist