It is recommended that prior to commencing the Advance R.B.C., Flash Drive Forms, Definitions & Terms, Camp A and B Questions that the sequence instructions are printed and available for the physician.

The Flow
The physician starts each round of Advance R.B.C. by selecting structured questions from a list provided from three categories, Camp “A”- “Recovery Based” and Camp “B”- “The Illness” relationship.

Summary of Sequence:
Introduction: A round of R.B.C., consists of the physician selecting and asking a total of six questions combined from Camp “A” and “B”, three lead inquiries from Camp “A” and three supplemental inquiries from Camp “B”. The questions posed from these Camps are focused on the Top “6” Recovery Drivers identified, Section 1, Survey B. A complete round of Advanced R.B.C. occurs once a total six questions are posed for the selected driver of focus.

All six top recovery drivers on this platform, receives a Advanced Round of R.B.C.

Of Note: Ensure, Future Pacing Protocol, Encouraging Questions, Free Floating, Session Ending Questions and Pause Protocol are applied (See Preparation / Standard page)

This completes one round of R.B.C.-

Keep in mind, the generative structured questions posed, generally, but not always, can be met with silence and pondering, before the patient finds the words to give a response. New cerebral pathways are being exercised that account for this. This is a good sign. Patience is the key. If the person still seems at a loss for words, the physician can re-ask the initial question or discuss what is being asked to land on an interpretation and then re-pose the question.

Important: The structured list of questions for R.B.C are constructed with specific purposes in mind. The physician is asked to pose each question as written, word by word. If the patient is unclear, read the question again, and if this is not sufficient, then the physician can ask, “what do you think this question is asking?” or offer their professional take. The patient needs to land on an understanding in order to proceed, and the initial inquiry can be asked again.

“We are all in this together.”

-The Peer Therapist