The following are questions for “Recovery Talking Points” designed for priming one’s Recovery Code Signature to offer the best gains as an effective “organizing principle”. The questions are led by the treating provider.

Note: The structure of the talking points posed contains notation marks “…”. Such three-dot notations separate one line of questioning from another and also indicate that a follow-up question is required to be asked that builds on the preceding reply. Ensure the completed code signature chart is present for these lines of questioning.

As well, these questions are specially designed. It is advised for the treatment provider to speak the questions as written. It is very common for a person asked these questions to pause for a moment or two to articulate a response. This is normal as these inquiries are foreign to the “Treatment Room” culture (see Terms and Definitions and Treatment Room page) as a person’s brain neural circuits are being recruited to form replies which are generally not exercised in this manner.

Recovery Talking Points:
1) Tell me a little about what led you to place each code in their chosen priority position of importance… what present action or activity do you engage that activates the “lead” codes that matter … share one or two events/stories in your life, past or current, which can help me further understand the background of how the “lead” codes indentified came to have their priority of significance

2) How in your mind is each signature code contributing to your mental health wellbeing in the face of your mental illness(s)… what codes have room to potentially exert greater gains towards your mental health wellbeing… share a point or two, about the difference leveraging this room or double-downing would make in moving your recovery forward, in your mind… if you were able to pay greater attention to exercising the recovery codes identified what would this begin to say about the intentions for your life… is this stance worth keeping and why… how does voicing this stance sit with you… what is the message you are giving yourself and those close to you with this stance and its direction for your life… what is it like hearing this acknowledgement for yourself… how does this leave you feeling

3) Share, on the whole, what can arise in greater abundance through the ongoing activation of your recovery code signature, such as  a)  more endurance,  b) more strength, c) more driving purpose, d) more upliftment, e) more hopefulness, f) more meaning, g) more life fulfillment, h) feeling more grounded, i) feeling more connected to what matters or j) more life direction… which of these gains would you consider is the glue holding the “organizing principle” of the signature together… what gives you this impression… by making this acknowledgement, what are you saying is of importance in your life… is this a good mindset to hold… explain why or why not… how would holding this stance be useful towards making a recovery possible

Note: Repeat the “Priming” exercise at least 2x per year and whenever there is a change in the configuration of the recovery code or a new recovery driver is added to the Top 6, Section 1, Survey C of the Flash Drive Forms, as it is assigned a code(s) to support.

“We are all in this together.”

-The Recovery Specialist