Recovery Talking Points for Printing

Secondary Core Stream

Recovery Talking Points:
a) Tell me about the contribution of each North Star for your recovery concerning what they tell you about your intentions for your life… based on this reply, what are you saying that makes a North Star difference?

b) Spell out for me the specifics of the how, where, when, frequency and with whom for each North Star.

c) With each North Stars in place, what kind of message can you imagine, this is sending to The Illness about your commitments… how does this position sit with you… what leads you to this thinking?

d) By exercising each North Star what mental place is evoked more of, like mental clarity; focus; attention, better recall, memory retention, mental calm, and concentration. Also, consider what is evoked and less evoked such as a less scattered mindset; less racing mind; less anxious thoughts; less negative thinking, and so forth. Discuss their merits and rewards. North Stars ought to leave one in a better place than if they did not exist for this benefit.

e) On the whole, based on all you have just shared in this conversation, what can you likely give yourself credit for? In doing so, what kind of person does this suggest you are… in your words, share a bit of what this sense of self has brought to your life though not acknowledged enough… can you give an example of this self in action from your life experience of …what is like hearing yourself acknowledge this now… how is this acknowledgement leaving you feeling knowing it has been made more visible to your awareness… what in your mind is the value of this acknowledgement and awareness… how, in your mind, would staying true to yourself in this way contribute to your recovery and mental well-being, in your estimation?

“We are all in this together.”

-The Recovery Specialist