Please print the following questions.

1) Free Floating Question
The treating physician can float their own questions, if desired, at any point, to facilitate the discussion, aid in summarizing or for clarification.

2) Encouraging Questions
The physician can use questions to further encourage a discussion by saying the following,
a) Please go on and tell me more
b) Expand more on what you are saying, please
c) Please say more, to help me further understand
d) Can you elaborate more on this, please

Session Starter
At the start of each treatment session the physician asks the following to the patient,

“What, if any, have you noticed between appointments, whether minutely, small or large in scale, that has caught your attention about any recovery like movements forward….what was it about these observations that merits capturing your attention;…what could this be telling you?”

4) Future Pacing Protocol:
These questions are posed by the physician to set the stage for the Session Ending Protocol,

1) Consider all that you have identified, understood and shared, so far collectively, as a resource. If, by chance you were to draw on this as a resource, what ideas, if any, can flow for this that may lead to possible steps, small or large, which encourage making a recovery possible?
2) What makes such ideas or steps, noteworthy in your mind as being in your favor?
3) By being in your favor, what can this possibly let you know about your intentions?
4) Is this a good position to find oneself in…. what leads you to say this?

5) Session Ending Protocol : This protocol signals the end of the Treatment Session by focusing on two themes,
1) The physician seeks clarification of points heard, if any, and summarizes for the patient what was heard to insure accuracy and to inform patients that they were listened to.
2) A standing pair of closing questions are asked. They are,
a) With all of what you have shared and felt, what is your take away from our time together?
b) What is your best guess, about how your take away fits with your intentions for making a recovery possible…. what leads you to say this?

Wording of Questions
The structured list of questions for R.B.C are constructed with specific purposes in mind. The physician is ask to say each question as written, word by word. If the patient is unclear, read the question again and if this is not sufficient, then the physician can ask, “what do you think this question is asking?” or offer their professional take. The patient needs to land on an understanding in order to proceed and the initial inquire can be asked again.

“We are all in this together.”

-The Recovery Specialist