Recovery Talking Points for Printing

Camp “B”  Secondary Questions:

A total of 3 secondary follow-up questions are selected and asked per round of R.B.C. led by the physician according to the sequencing outlined (See Camp “A” page) for each driver. There is no order to ask the questions.

Based on what you have just shared, by holding to “x” as a recovery driver that is feeding one’s life, describe the commitment this suggests you are keeping despite facing The Illness day in and day out… what might this be letting you know about your stance to the fate The illness wants for you… by way of this acknowledgement how does this leave you feeling… is this a positive or negative for your recovery… express why you would hold this position… if you had to speculate, what kind of recovery road are you likely paving for yourself as a result of this stance… what is your take on this development… what leads you to think this way?

-Based on what you have just shared, speculate a little about how you managed to keep yourself “open” to having “x” in your life despite The Illness’s mission to take away anything good… what could this possibly be saying about you and your capabilities to keep this “open” space… what possible signal or message are you sending to The Illness by holding to this position of openness…what in your mind, makes this signal or message worth it… what does this tell you about what you are giving value to in your life… would you characterize this value as a drag on your recovery efforts or a lift to these efforts… what leads you to say this… what kind of position are you leaving yourself in concerning standing up to The Illness presence… is this a position worth keeping… why would you say so?

-Based on what you have just shared, what are you saying that you are appreciating, in any little way about having this “x” driver in your life… what is this “appreciating” bringing to your attention… is this a positive development or not for you…why would you say this… consider what holding on to this positivity, through thick and thin is letting you know about your capacity to hold onto what is precious despite the efforts of The Illness to take this away… how does voicing this position sit with you and why… what is “hope building” about this stance when it comes to making a recovery for yourself, in your estimation?

-Based on what you have just shared, what could this be possibly telling you about what you hold of importance in your life… what good, if any, can come from keeping this position to your recovery, if you took a guess… how does this leave you in feeling and in thoughts, knowing this, as you reflect…what is your takeaway that would be prudent to consider in moving forward with your recovery endeavors?

-Based on what you have just shared, what could be said about what “x” brings to your life to serve you for the better… what can this signal to you about your intentions… is this a good mindset to keep and preserve going forward…. why would you think this way… how does knowing this leave you feeling… how does this way of feeling sit with you… is this a good place to be… what lets you see this… what is your takeaway from what you have talked about so far?

-Based on what you have just shared, what might holding onto “x” driver be affirming and painting for you as an indicator of the direction you want to take your life despite the presence of The Illness… by holding this position, what are you indicating to The Illness’s  about your intentions for your life… what leads you to say this… how does this leave you feeling in your thinking… what, in your estimation is the “good” that can come from holding to this position?

-Based on what you have just shared, if a close loved one, friend, colleague, clergy teacher, family member or even a pet, for example, were present today or in spirit, could hear what you are sharing regarding keep this “x” driver alive along with others, what might come from their lips, if asked, about the “kind” of person you are that has been able to keep such light shining during all you have endured… take a moment to recall one or two moments or stories that can point to how this loved one can speak of you in this way… can you see how this person has come see you in this way… to what degree can you see that their observation fits with what you know of yourself… no matter the degree felt, a little or a lot, how does knowing you can be seen to posses this personal quality sit with you as opposed to not knowing at all… is this reflection of yourself a hindrance or benefit to recovery… can you explain why this is the case… take a moment and comment on this, if you were able to keep this quality upfront and visible in your life for your recovery, how would you benefit from this… lets recycle this inquiry from the top again if possible… share with me another special relationship and what it has offered you?

If a loved one was present, in front of you now, and could vocalize some words of encouragement, knowing you have chosen to keep “x” driver alive in the face of such tough times, what might they want to say to you… what would you speculate, if you took a guess, as to what they want to convey through those words of encouragement… what takeaway can come from hearing these words that are meaningful to you… how do you feel knowing you matter in the eyes of this person to the extent of wanting the best for you… how can hearing such words leave you in feeling and thoughts… is this a good place to be in knowing your presence is valued in this way… what leads you to think this way… in what way can knowing you matter in this person’s eyes or other others of significance to you contribute towards forging ahead with making a recovery… what are your thoughts on what has been just shared?

-Based on what you have just shared, offer your best guess about the possible message or signal you are sending to “The Illness” by having “x” regarding where your loyalties lie in your relationship with  it… what in your mind, is the kind of person it takes, that can make such a stance on loyalties… to what degree are you speaking about yourself since this is coming from your experience… how does this sit with you… how can such a position in your relationship with The Illness carry you forward, in your estimation, towards making a recovery possible?

-Though “x” is in play, what has it been like living with a mental illness that others may not fully grasp or understand… what do you struggle with the most and how is this impacting various areas of your life… how is this leaving you in feeling and in thoughts about your prospects for yourself and your life…. speak to what such an acknowledgement paints about what it has taken for you to hold yourself and your life together to this point… how would you characterize this ability or capacity… how does this acknowledgement leave you thinking about your recovery prospects?

-Based on what you have just shared regarding “x” recovery driver, speculate on what you are bringing to the table of your life so far that has not allowed “The Illness” to take away or taint everything that matters to you as seen by your ability to hold onto these recovery drivers of value… what might this tell you about what you are capable of… how familiar is this capacity for you… what do you think having this capacity, upon reflection, been offering to your life so far, if you had to guess… to what degree is this capacity a keeper because of its worth or not at all to your recovery mission… explain your position… what do you think makes this capacity of such value, in your mind, by way of sharing one or two stories from your recent past where this capacity played a role… based on this sharing, what does keeping this value in play indicate to you, in some way, about the direction you want to take your life… what does this declaration say to you about what is of importance… how does making this acknowledgement sit with you?

Summary Recovery Talking Points: (led by the treating providers)
On the whole, based on all you have just shared in this conversation, what can you likely give yourself credit for… in doing so, what kind of person does this suggest you are… in your words, share a bit of what this sense of self has brought to your life though not acknowledged enough… can you give an example of this self in action from your life experience of… what is like hearing yourself acknowledge this now… how is this acknowledgement leaving you feeling knowing it has been made more visible to your awareness… what in your mind is the value of this acknowledgement and awareness… how, in your mind, would staying true to yourself in this way contribute to your recovery and mental well-being, in your estimation?

Note: This closing summary is asked once all six questions for a round of RBC are completed.

“We are all in this together.”

-The Recovery Specialist